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The GC Rules:

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The GC Rules: Empty The GC Rules:

Post  Alexie Sun Jul 03, 2011 3:32 am

Since we are playing in GamingConsortium, i thought it could be nice to leave you guys the rules of the server Smile
We clearly dont want you to get banned Razz
So here it is:


Abusing, bugging in unbearable way or disrespecting a GM or admin can get you punished.
We put in a lot of time to make this server usable for you and we expect a little politeness.

Exploits are bugs in the program that make it too easy to gain level/money/loot/arena points/honor kills/etc and should be immediately reported to a GM.

While a certain amount of swearing is expected, verbally attacking another player is not allowed, and swearing should not get out of control. GMs are always ready to calm people like this with kindness along the way.

Sharing your account with 3rd parties (aka someone else) is not recommended! We are in no way responsible for any harm caused by performing this action. We strongly suggest you do not give out your personal information to anyone but yourself. We cannot and will not be held responsible for your actions if your choice goes awry.

Use of racist, disrespectful comments about someones religion and propagation of illegal ideologies of any kind can get punished if its taken to unbearable level (which is matter of GM to decide).


It is forbidden to flood, spam and yell (CaPs LoCk) or use different text-colors in public chat channels.

It is forbidden to scam, fraud and use similar foul practice for personal gain while damaging others.

It is forbidden to trade your Account. People caught advertising an account trade will have their account(s) banned.

It is forbidden to use any non-english language on "trader", "public" and "LookingForGroup" channels.

It is forbidden to trade game property to real life property (money).

It is forbidden to spread advertisement and/or promotion of other private servers.

It is forbidden to posses and/or use multiple specialisations of a profession.

It is forbidden to farm honor/arena by dealing with opponents at purpose of personal advantage or gaining this advantage by other abusing practices.

It is forbidden to use hacks (speed hacks/teleports/various other hacks). When you are caught all your accounts will be immediately banned permanently without any warning.

It is forbidden to use exploit for your own benefit, these should be reported and kept quiet from all other players besides the GMs.

Restore / refund:

What we restore/refund (anything not mentioned in this list is not refunded):

Characters: Disappeared due to strange circumstances. This does not apply to characters deleted by the user.

Items: Lost and disappeared quest items that you can not reobtain.

Reputation: Lost reputation from a bugged quest or mob only if it's too much and/or unreobtainable and needed for a specific faction to move on (continue your reputation gaining).


GMs have the right to choose the type of the punishment according the gravity of the situation. They also have the right to punish people due to offense that is not directly listed and implemented here.

BE NICE! cheers

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