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noitacilppa Empty noitacilppa

Post  Guest Tue Sep 27, 2011 6:08 am

yeah, so theres this dwarf.. his name is eagle. anyways, i'm mostly here just because i was bored and came across the site, just to stalk and lurk about. might make a twink or something to join you guys with a low level or something sometime Smile


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noitacilppa Empty Re: noitacilppa

Post  Alexie Tue Sep 27, 2011 10:08 am



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noitacilppa Empty Re: noitacilppa

Post  Cold Tue Sep 27, 2011 2:16 pm

Accepting is other officers job this time XD Don't know you so i don't say anything Razz Tho from this what Alexie just said... i think your welcome XD

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noitacilppa Empty Re: noitacilppa

Post  Guest Tue Sep 27, 2011 5:43 pm

bored again, and i read theres an actual thing i should fill out so here we go then! Very Happy

1.Ben, 20, Male, U.S.

2.Friday and saturday mostly now since school started

3. Social for now since im abit tired of leveling characters, though might change that if i get the time later with some alt

4. i speek teh english gewd

5. Currently none to bring, though i'm working on an alt Twink that i wouldn't mind bringing over. Eaglezor, though you may be familiar with my DK, Eagle Smile

6. Twink - http ://www gamingconsortium org/tools/player.php?name=Eaglezor (says i couldn't post links so i put a few spaces Wink )

7. Kill em All, prolly not leaving it.. just expaning my horizons with another guild for more time Smile

8. Peice of shit macbook, like 5fps on ignis 25m (shoot me now). and yet somehow i do like 7-8k overall raid dps on my DK, wtb 60fps >.>

9. would have to learn a rogue for Twink BG's and ganking low levels lol, but i can tell you the DK.
For unholy, start off with Blood strike to get desicration up for the pet buff, IT, PS, Scourge Strike, Pest, and then just keep disseases up with pestilence, keep pet buff up with blood strikes, and spam the fuck out of scourge strike xD

hoping to join you guys soon when i can level the rogue Smile

Edit: if you catch my DK online or something, and you need help with a 10 man or whatever i'm normally off cd now with him since i dont have time with much raids because of school. so feel free to ask if you need it Smile


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