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Looting System Empty Looting System

Post  Alexie Fri Sep 09, 2011 3:24 am

We are currently looking for a new loot system that can be fair to everyone.

The things i take in consideration from now on during guildraids, are not only how much people need the itens, but how much they work for the guild.
Will be more likely to win gear those who work for the guild and are present in every raids specially if they dont need anything and are only there to help. I also worship older members, always loyal, and not the new ones.
In despite of that, i like people who work hard to get to raids, who study tactics and who can do their role properly. Who know how to dps /tank /heal.

So i thought we could use DKP system but not only taking in consideration the knowledge of the players but also their friendly side and loyalty. As i explained above.


I am sorry , i know i wasnt too clear with my explanation but i hope you get the main idea.

Please leave your comment with opinion about my suggestion and leave your own suggestion.

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