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Post  Alexie Wed May 04, 2011 8:06 pm

About Legacy:
Raiding - Progression PVE

We are seeking for members to start progression on 25 man raids.
We currently do:
Naxxramas 10
Obsidian Sanctum 10
Ulduar 10

Tuesday 9 pm SVT
Thursday 9 pm SVT

Everyone who want to join our guild has to complete few of our questions:

1.Name, Age,Gender, Location.

2.Available/unavailable nights for raiding and ideal raid times.

3.Are you applying for a Raiding or Social position?

4.Please confirm that you have no problem communicating in English, both written and spoken.

5.The name, class and spec of your character and any other lvl 80 alts you wish to bring.

6.GC-armory link to your character. If Armory is not working please give us your character's name. Remember to log out in the right gear and spec every day.

7.List your previous guild(s), and the reasons you left.

8.Describe your computer, typical raid frame rate and internet connection specifications. A decent frame rate and stable connection are absolutely essential.

9. Tell us how what do you do in your role and how your class/role works, (stats to stack and rotations mainly)

In order to answer this application create a new topic with your in-game game and class.
Thank you.

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