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Post  Dacha Thu May 26, 2011 3:48 pm

Hello every1, i hope this is the right place where to make an aplication for guild.
1.Damir, 24,male, Serbia. Playing wow for 5 years now

2.Available from 11:00 server time to 02/03:00h.

3.I'm applying for a Raiding and Social position.

4 I speak English very good so no prob in communication with guild m8's.

5. Dacha, resto/balance druid level 80, and im kinda collecting gear with agy because maybe in near future be tank if needed.

6. http://www.gamingconsortium.org/tools/player.php?name=Dacha.

7. None guild so far on this side, im kinda new level 80 with druid.

8. Computer: Graphic card - ATi HD5750 1gb DDR5, Processor: AMD AthlonII x4 640 (quad), HDD 1Tb, Memory - 2x2 (4) Gb DDR3, Monitor 22" LCD,
framerate fixed on 60 FPS in all kind of raids on max settings and 6/0.7 d/u Mbit internet connection, cable. On this server internet lag is 50 ms, never above.

9. On resto spec no special rotation just common sence and expirience, mostly Hot's Rejuvenation, Lifebloom 2-3 stacks and Regrowth on tank, before fight so i can unlock Swiftmend (with glyph) just in case if player sudenly lose HP and i can instant heal him with around 9k, if i see that some dps pull aggro i throw Rejuvenation on him so i can just in case cast Swiftmend on him if its not on CD. As for non Hot spells, most improtant is Nourish with short cast time 1.3 sec and very powerful heal. For Aoe heal only avaible for druids im using Wild Growth and finaly life saving spell Tranquility with not so low CD.
For balance current rotation is, first Faerie Fire and dots Moonfire, Insect Swarm, Force of Nature and starfall, when i got all that than i start spaming Wrath until i get Lunar Eclipse and than spam Starfire until Lunar Eclipse expire; after that i refresh my Dots and start spaming starfire untill i get Solar Eclipse than i start spaming Wrath untill SE expire and so on... Thats for now, like i said i recently got 80 with my dodo and in meantime i hope i become more faster and improve my rotations.

Stats prior for resto is Spell Power > Spirit > Int > Mp5 > Haste > Crit > Stam for preraid spec, later as i get better gear ill stack Spell Power > Haste > Spirit > Crit > Int > Mp5 > Stam, when mana stop being issue.
For Balance stats Spell Power > Hit Rating (cap 17%) > Int > Haste (soft cap 400) > Crit > Spirit if comes with gear.
But my main spec is resto and if u have any suggestions for balance spec, ill be happy to hear. This is something that i think its ok.

I think that this covers for now.
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Aplication Empty Re: Aplication

Post  Maximmus Thu May 26, 2011 8:44 pm

Application was discussed between the Officers: Alexie and Cold and they have approved it, I approve it as well seems a very good application, we hope you enjoy our time with us Dacha. We'll see you in-game.


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