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Post  Tequilla Mon Jul 04, 2011 4:38 pm

Hi there, in game name Yamyr, main char, i like to join ur ranks whit one of my alt: Very Happy
so i saw that i ned to fill a form so lets start:)

1) Daniel, 25 years old, m, Romania/Targoviste
2) i dont have an ideal time for raids, if im neded and if i can il join gladly anytime:D, but u can say im realy free at 6-7 pm server time till later on
3) i like to play and enjoy the game so il say raiding:), heroics and pvp, talking also when nothing else to do:P
4)no problems at all, to i suck at tiping when im in raid and when i ned to say something cause i pay atention to what im doing more than writing:))
5)furry warrior Sakata main spec, as for off its arms for pvp
7)didn't had any guild on this char, to all my 3 chars are in Nightfall
8)40 ms/60 fps always at least when the server doesnt havbe lags or i dont have any conection problems, as for my pc its a dual core whit 2 gb ddr3, and whit a nvidia 9600 video card
9)hmm, my class role for the spec i have its prety simple just dps, the only thing i can help people in raid is to keep up comanding or battle shout, depends which one is neded the most, as for rotation whirlwind-boodthirst-slam if i get an instant proc for it, bloodthirst again and repeat, tho is not the easy, cause i ned to wach my rage some times i use heroic strike, pop up abilities whit high cd on the right time, anyway that's all the fields i neded to fill
cya all in game Very Happy


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Post  DarkWizzard Tue Jul 05, 2011 7:09 pm

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